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How to Avoid Failures in Daily Use of Pipe Benders? 返回首頁

Today, with the development of science and technology, China's pipe bending equipment is also becoming mature and stable in terms of quality and technology for pipe processing machinery such as Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine, automatic pipe bending and cutting machines, and tube shrinking machines. It is not like in the past because of the birth of a new product and new technology, we are all in a groping state, so the stability of the machine's performance is relatively fragile, but today's pipe processing equipment is stable and regular, so As long as you take good care of the machine after purchasing it, it can be used for a long time.

Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

But what problems often arise in the daily use of pipe benders? In fact, we will encounter these problems in our daily life and have heard others talk about them. Today, the Hydraulic Press Exporter is old-fashioned and I will tell you again.

Usually there are problems in the hydraulic area. When the machine bends the pipe, the metal circular saw will be used to cut the pipe, leaving many small iron pins. If these iron pins are not cleaned, they will be taken directly to the pipe bender to process the bends. Many pipe bender molds have core rods for bending. Because they are afraid that the fullness is not high enough, they will wrinkle or collapse. And other phenomena.

In this way, when the Bending Pipe Machine inserts the pipe into the core rod, these small iron pins will fall out, and the iron pins that have not been cleaned will fall into the fuel tank inside the fuselage. We all know that hydraulic pipe benders use oil pumps to input hydraulic pressure. The oil relies on solenoid valves to provide hydraulic power. Therefore, after these iron pins enter the fuel tank, most of them will be filtered by the filter in our oil inlet pipe, but a small part of the iron pins will also enter the oil pump, so the iron pins sucked into the oil pump will enter the electromagnetic Inside the valve, the hydraulic solenoid valve is blocked because these iron pins cannot flow in the solenoid valve, and the hydraulic oil cannot flow, which will cause a corresponding action failure, resulting in the hydraulic pipe bender not working properly.

Even if this phenomenon occurs, there is no need to panic. Just press a button on the control panel to manually press a certain action, and then look at the indicator light on the solenoid valve to see which solenoid valve is not working, and then close the movie. Then use a 4mm Allen wrench to remove the solenoid valve fixed on the oil separator. After cleaning the solenoid valve with clean kerosene, blow the inside with an air gun to clean out the iron pins inside, and then install it to solve the problem.

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