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What Should I Do if the Hydraulic Machine Runs at an Unstable Speed? 返回首頁

What should I do if the running speed of the hydraulic machine is unstable? Then check whether there is any problem when pressing down. Check whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient, check whether the oil is deteriorated, check whether the oil pump is clogged or there is no problem with the oil pump seal. The following Beveling Machine Exporter will come to tell you more.

First, leakage of the hydraulic system There are many factors caused by the leakage of the hydraulic system. It is a very large project to fundamentally eliminate the leakage of the hydraulic system. Only by finding the reasons that affect the leakage of the hydraulic system, take reasonable measures to minimize the leakage of the hydraulic system.

What to do if the operating speed of the hydraulic machine is unstable, and the choice of seals is also very important. If the factors that affect the leakage are not fully considered at the beginning, it will bring immeasurable losses after production. Considering that in the design and processing of the hydraulic press, the important reasons that affect the leakage must be fully considered. The design and processing of the sealing grooves can fundamentally solve these problems. Choose accurate assembly and repair methods and learn from past experience. For example, use special tools as much as possible in the assembly of the seal ring, and apply some grease to the seal ring. In the hydraulic oil pollution control, the hydraulic press must start from the source of the pollution, strengthen the control of the pollution source, and also take effective filtering measures and regular oil quality inspection. In order to effectively block the pollution of the hydraulic cylinder by external factors (water, dust, particles, etc.), some protective measures can be added. In short, the prevention and control of leaks must be comprehensively implemented and comprehensively considered to be effective.

Second, reduce the noise of the sound source:

1. Transform the production process and select low-noise hydraulic presses to improve the machining and assembly accuracy to reduce the noise caused by mechanical vibration and friction. For high pressure and high speed air flow, reduce the pressure difference and flow rate, or change the shape of the air flow nozzle.

2. Control during transmission

(1) Use additional barriers to prevent noise transmission, or use natural terrain such as hills, slopes, woods, bushes or tall buildings or structures that are not afraid of noise.

(2) Fair design in overall layout. When designing the layout of the laying plant and mine, the press should separate the main noise source workshop or device from the quiet workshop, test room, office, etc., or concentrate high-noise equipment as much as possible to facilitate control.

(3) Use the directivity characteristics of the sound source to control noise. For example, the high-pressure boiler exhaust steam, blast furnace exhaust, oxygen generator exhaust and other exhaust outlets towards the wilderness or the sky to reduce the impact on the environment.

Third, how does Hydraulic Press run at an unstable speed? What should I do if the hydraulic motor rotates? The hydraulic motor rotates in the direction of rotation. The main cause is:

Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press

(1)The driving brake pressure supplied by the system is lacking, and the brake of the type-driven accelerator is not turned off. If the hydraulic motor accelerator brake of a single-column hydraulic machine is not completely turned off, then the driving energy supplied by this motor will be the friction of the brake cylinder. Equilibrium, because every 4 hydraulic motors in the drive system are connected to the oil and return oil in parallel, it is possible that one of the hydraulic motors has a large oil back pressure, and this oil back pressure will push the accelerator in the opposite direction without closing the brake. 

(2)The hydraulic pipeline is connected with the companion. The two-way variable motor has two ports of ab. When the motor rotates, one of the two ports is fed with oil and the other is pumped out. If one of the hydraulic motors is switched between port A and port B, then the rotation direction of this hydraulic motor is inconsistent with the rest of the hydraulic motors, thereby causing a companion in the direction of rotation of the tire.

(3)Processing method According to the schematic diagram, the pipeline of the hydraulic motor is newly connected to increase the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic machine to drive the accelerator brake. The three-beam and four-column hydraulic machine enables the accelerator brake to be completely closed. A new pressure source for the accelerator brake is selected to make the acceleration mechanism. The dynamic pressure reaches 3mpa, which ensures that the accelerator brake can work normally.

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