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What Are The Applications Of Pipe Bending Machines In Pipe Fittings? 返回首頁

Hot Elbow Machine Supplierstalked about no significant improvement in the structure of exported products. The export of metal processing machine tools showed a straight upward trend, and the growth of CNC metal processing machine tools was more than 66%. Among them, the export growth of CNC special processing machine tools, CNC lathes, CNC boring machines, CNC gantry milling machines, and CNC forming bending machines all exceeded the overall growth rate of CNC Tube Bending Machine.

Is often accessible in daily life. The range of uses of pipe fittings is very large. Give a definition to pipe fittings. I think that all products produced by deep processing of pipe materials should belong to the category of pipe fittings. The more professional pipe processing machinery in China is to bend the pipe fittings to meet the needs of customers. The arc elbows are in Japan. Since the pipe fittings are made of raw materials through deep processing, they have a pipe and mechanical parts. The dual nature of is the combination of the two. Pipe is a necessary raw material for pipe fittings, but there are many processing methods for pipe fittings, as long as it is a mechanical processing method, it can be applied. Why do pipe fittings develop so rapidly abroad? I think there are two more prominent advantages: the first is that it can replace some of the machined products, and it is lighter in weight and saves material than the machined, cast, and structural parts; the second is compared to the machined products Save working procedures, working hours and reduce the cost of workpieces. There are many types of pipe fittings, which can be summarized into the following main types: variable diameter pipe fittings, which means that the diameter of a pipe end or a certain part of the pipe is reduced; variable wall thickness pipe fittings, which mean that the wall thickness changes along the length of the pipe.


Product Introduction

Change the cross-section of the pipe, according to the requirements, change the round cross-section to square, ellipse, polygon, etc .; curved pipe, we have more contact, is to change the straight pipe into a different radius of curvature, such as elbow, bend Pipes, etc .; pipe fittings with flanges and round edges, the former means that the end of the pipe is convex to the inside or the outside, the latter means the pipe fittings with ridges or grooves formed in the circumference of the pipe; To increase the total strength of the pipe end, pipe the pipe to the outside or inside of the pipe or seal the end of the pipe; expand the pipe, expand the end or a part of the pipe according to the requirements to form pipes of various shapes; there are many processing methods for pipe Species. Many still belong to the category of mechanical processing, the most used are stamping method, forging method, roller processing method, rolling method, bulging method, stretching method, bending method, and combined processing method. Pipe processing is an organic combination of machining and metal pressure processing. The following is an example: The hydraulic bending method: the pipe is placed in the mold, and the pipe is bent into a curvature with hydraulic power. The appearance is good without deformation. Hydraulic pressure bending method: Accurately placing the pipe on the bending machine is also using a die to press the pipe with a pressure plate. The pipe is processed with a wide area.

Our company specializes in the production of Pipe Expanding Machine, hydraulic pipe benders, fully automatic equipment, etc. The company abides by the business philosophy of "quality first, customer first, and integrity-based", sincerely welcomes new and old customers to visit and patronize, and all employees will be dedicated You provide full service.

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